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“An Exhibition Belies Stereotypes…”


“…two smaller works quietly held their own against the works by other artists…Lucy Maki’s painting “Building Space” (2022) is a notched retangular surface bisected and wrapped by slender strips of wood, as if its frame had come to life and engulfed the support.  Layered geometric forms suggest depth, but the notched edges and sculptural panels guided me through the multiple viewpoints of this deceptively simple work.  I was reminded of my anguished reading of Michael Fried in graduate school, his rabid defense of formalism.  Maki’s painting (Sculpture? Does it matter?) couldn’t make his prophecies about the corruption of discrete media more irrelevant.”

Solo Exhibition 

The exhibition Out of the Blue comprises works completed from 2021-2022 and continues to explore concepts related to the shaped canvas as a painting/object—from small dimensional works on panels to large flat, shaped canvases. Approaches from Abstract Expressionism, Constructivism, Minimalism, Cubism and New Mexico’s Transcendental Painting Group are integrated with a variety of materials (paint, wood, fabric, paper, and/or miscellaneous mixed media), to conjure a uniquely varied presence for each painting. Geometric structures combine with painterly techniques and/or felt surfaces to balance hardedge with gesture and touch.    

COVID-19 affected show: Pointless Pleasure @ Exhibit 208

Arts Thrive 2019

What is ArtsThrive?
Now in its 29th year, ArtsThrive: Art Exhibition & Benefit is an exhibition hosted by the Albuquerque Museum Foundation and held at the Albuquerque Museum, 2000 Mountain Road NW. The exhibition is open to the general public October 20 – December 8, 2019; general Museum admission applies.
128 world-class artists - including 36 brand new exhibitors - will exhibit paintings, sculpture, glasswork, prints, textiles, mixed media, and jewelry.

JuxtaPositions: The Painting Center, New York, NY

June 19-July 14, 2018

”...JuxtaPositions brings artists from all over the country who are inventing something new by mining, reframing, recontextualizing, and reconceiving some of the ideas and objects that make up the cultural moment in which we live.”

— Anthony Cuneo, Alanna Farrell, Robin Field  (curators)

Review: Albuquerque artist Lucy Maki's latest exhibit is simply stunning, by Wesley Pulkka

Albuquerque Journal, Sunday March 20th, 2016

Artist Studio By Ellen Berkovitch/Photos by Kate Russell

Zen and Now: The distilled concentrations of Lucy Maki's shape paintings

Trend magazine, Spring 2015, pp. 124-127

Steady rise of ABQ art exemplify growth and maturity by Wesley Pulka

The Albuquerque Journal, December 28, 2014...Exhibit 208 featured "Lucy Maki: ASLANT 2014"  a major solo exhibition by one of the city"s most talented artists.


Oeno Gallery invites you to join us on July 26th for the opening reception of
Geometrics, a group exhibition with work by Alex Cameron, Shayne Dark, Parvis Djamtorki, Burton Kramer, Etienne Labbe, Lucy Maki, Paula Murray and Wesley Neal Rasko. Outside, enjoy our Sculpture Garden in full bloom.   

Visualizing Albuquerque: Art of Central New Mexico


... the Albuquerque Museum’s exhibition titled Visualizing Albuquerque, curated by Joseph Traugott, will investigate the unique history and present of central New Mexico art and serve as an umbrella for institutional partners. Traugott says, ”Albuquerque artists found their own artistic voice after World War II and transformed a western boom town into a thriving art center. This exhibition demonstrates how an influx of modern-minded Californians moved to Albuquerque and changed the city by unleashing the creativity of local artists. The resulting abstract works broke with traditional New Mexico scenes. By including women and their concerns, ethnic perspectives, popular culture subjects, and political content after 1980, Albuquerque artists synthesized an aesthetic that shunned commercial trends. Visualizing Albuquerque revels in the region’s diverse artists and reveals how their distinctive fusions have bridged aesthetic divides and cultural rifts.”
January 31, 2015 to May 3, 2015

Exhibit echoes Earth's axial tilt by Wesley Pulka

    The Albuquerque Journal, Mar 23, 2014 - “Satellite” by Lucy Maki is a high-energy construction that reveals the artist's consummate skill. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Lucy Maki, though not ...

Culture Shock by Lisa Barrow: Lucy Maki's new exhibit gets angular...

The Alibi, Feb 26, 2014 - Lucy Maki is a well-established visual artist who's spent the last three decades living and working in Albuquerque. Her distinctive abstract work ...